Demolition and Site Clearance Cost Share Program

To aide residents in the cost of removal of blighted structures, the City has implement a program in which the City will reimburse property owners for one-half (1/2) the contract cost of the demolition up to a maximum participation amount of $2,500.00. 

Each parcel of real estate shall only be entitled to cost share once, regardless of the number of structures on the parcel. 

To participate, residents will need to fill out the Demolition Permit and pay the associated fees. 

Once Demolition Permit is approved, the Demolition Agreement between the property owner and the City will be need to be signed by both parties and approved by the Governing Body. 

Please see below for links to permit, agreement, and ordinances in regards to the requirements and regulations of this program.  Please contact Lyndon City Hall for any questions at 785-828-3146. 



Single or Dual Family Residential                         $60
All Others - Less than 2 stories in height              $50
All Others - 2 or more stories in height                $100

Demolition Permit Application
Demolition Agreement
Ordinance 825 Unsafe Structures
Ordinance 851 Demolition and Site Clearance Regulations