Community Center - 204 Topeka Avenue

The Lyndon City Council will set all policy and guidelines for using the facility. Individuals or organizations requesting use of the Community Center are required to complete a Rental Agreement, sign, and return with fee.
Reservation is not considered as held until fee has been paid. (For holiday cancellation, please note that the fee will not be returned unless another rental is made for that date.)
Damage deposit must be paid prior to picking up key.
The request will be reviewed by the City; if approved, the requested time and date will be reserved for the requesting agent.

Contact the city office during normal business hours. City Hall is located at 730 Topeka Avenue, Lyndon, KS 66451, telephone number 785 828-3146. Business hours are Monday - Friday, except holidays, 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

• The fee must be paid in full at the time reservation is made.
• The deposit must be paid before a key can be picked up. The deposit will be held until inspection is conducted by city staff; amount of deposit will be determined and refunded based on compliance with clean-up guidelines.
REFUND: The fee may be refunded with ten (10) days prior notification of cancellation, except holiday weekends, unless the center is subsequently rented.
The key must be returned to City Hall, 730 Topeka Avenue, by 9:00 a.m. the following day, either by putting it in the drop box (drive-through area on south side of building) or returning the key in person. The building will be inspected following each use, and record of use kept on file at the city office.

• No kegs allowed, because of the carpet.
• Consumption permitted only inside the Community Center.
• Agreement signed by the City Clerk or the Deputy Clerk. Agreement to be issued after evaluation of the proposed event and suitability of alcohol consumption and may include further restrictions. The denial by the City Clerk’s office may be appealed to the City Council at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.
• There shall be NO entrance fee or cover charge to those attending the event.
• There shall be NO sales of beer or alcohol in the building or on the grounds.
• Furnishing alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to a minor is a Class B misdemeanor for which the minimum fine is $200.
• Possession or consumption by a minor is prohibited. No person under 21 years of age shall possess, consume, obtain, purchase, or attempt to obtain alcohol or beer.
• “No Smoking” regulations shall apply at all times inside the building.

The Community Center must be vacated by 11:00 p.m., unless renter has received written consent of the governing body.

The community center kitchen and facility is equipped with and provides:
• full-size refrigerator
• electric range
• microwave oven
• garbage disposal (no bones, grease, or corn cobs)
• one 30-cup coffee pot, one 40-cup coffee pot and a 10 cup coffee pot
• cutting boards are available (please do not cut anything directly on counters)
• a vacuum, a broom and dust pan, mop, as well as various cleaning supplies
• eight 8-ft tables, 55 metal folding chairs.
• There are two restrooms, each stall is designed for handicap use, and paper products are included.
• Trash bags are available in the lower first cabinet below the counter-top next to the kitchen door. Please bag trash from the restrooms, large room, and kitchen, and place in the poly cart just outside the north door. Put new liners in the trash cans, and place beside the refrigerator in the kitchen.
• Cleaning supplies are available, inside the upper cupboard to the left of the kitchen sink, or in the storage closet where the central vacuum is located.

You should bring your own utensils, measuring cups/spoons, pans, dishes, etc. A few potholders have been donated for kitchen use.

Please bring your own towels and dish cloths to use for clean up as these are no longer provided.

Please do not tape, nail, or thumb tack anything to walls or trim.

City Council approval may be required for the distribution of certain materials.

Do not remove any items from building other than your own.


See schedules and agreements.